Monday, September 16, 2013

Igor's new VCity seems to feature many genuine voyeur photos on the

Voyeur Blog Wall

You need to register for free (you can use a fake email addy. they do not verify the email addy).

There are beach spy pics, private pics, street voyeur and ass voyeur pics. Also about 100 voyeur videos.

Update: They improved navigation and you can now go for selected themes. You can see a listing of most voyeur subjects which links to great blog walls like

  1. Thong voyeur: People shooting visible thongs in public.
  2. High heels voyeur pics: Showing candid women on the street wearing sexy high heels.
  3. Wife Voyeur: Husbands voyeuring their own wives.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Voyeur Blogs and Photo Forums

I don't know any voyeur blog featuring 100% genuine photos. This means all those blogs below are "reporters" or "rebloggers". However the ones listed below maintain a nice and frequently update collection.

Street Voyeur On Tumblr: He is focused on street voyeur photos, e.g. upskirts and downblouse and see-through. Quite many of his photos were new to me.

Voyeur Voyeur on Tumblr: He reposts selected pics mostly from VoyeurClouds and adds his own thoughts. Definitely worth to READ while looking at the voyeur photos. He calls his collection "subtle voyeur photos" and that is exactly what his photos are: Highly erotic picks of subtle street voyeurism.

Beach Voyeur on Tumblr: Reposts dozens of beach voyeur photos: Nude and topless!

Harry Palms on Tumblr: Busty (dressed!) women on the street. Hundreds of them!

Sleeping Women on Tumblr: Reposts of voyeuristic photos of sleeping unaware women.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Voyeurism on Tumblr

Voyeurism on Tumblr is not really easy to find, but it's there and is much better than on flickr. You will need to wade through all pics tagged with "#voyeur" and stick to the posters of the real voyeur photos. Around 90% of the pics are tagged wrongly with the term voyeur, which means that 1 out of 10 pics are really voyeuristic. Out of these pics another 80% are reposts from the internet. Which gets us down to 2 out 100 pics.

Summary: Better than nothing!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Voyeurism on Flickr

Voyeurism on Flickr can be described with one word: HOPELESS! People tag all kind of photos with the "voyeur"-tag: Selfpics of their dicks, airplanes, birds, their own feet, everything! Even if you dig through the first 5000 voyeur photos you will hardly find 10! 

Summary: Forget  about real voyeurism on Flickr!

Monday, December 3, 2012


The voyeur forum of Vamateur features postings from registered users (free registration). However 99% of the posted photos are not genuine but personal collections from other web sites, mainly pay sites. You find many series there from beachhunter and other voyeur pay sites. Violation of copyright? I think so.

1000s of copied pics from pay sites

Summary: Enjoy as long as it lasts. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Watchers Web

Watchersweb Voyeur Section is mixed with exhibitionist submission. It averages one voyeur contribution per day. 50% of those are "I spied on my wife" type of photos. The photo quality is not high def.

"I spied on my wife" voyeur photos

Summary: Very few real voyeur photos. Low photo quality

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Voyeur Russian

Voyeur Russian is on the internet for about 6 years. It features two main photo sections: Voyeur pics and amateur pics. However none of the pics listed under voyeur have anything to do with voyeurism and are all posed. I tried to understand what the difference between amateur and voyeur is and I finally understood it: Amateur pictures list contris which are shot indoor and voyeur pictures are posed photo sets shot outdoor. Besides those two free photo sections, you will also find a voyeur video section (membership required). Those videos are staged voyeur videos, like locker room and shower cabin.

Typical samle photo from Russian Voyeur:

A voyeur pic???? For sure not!

Summary: No voyeurism at all. Staged and posed pics, many mass productions.